Medium : sculptural collage, mixed media prints

Phyllis Ewen
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Land is altered as a result of the natural movement of water, wind, and seismic activity as well as the intervention of humankind. The surface of the earth has many forces that affect it.

New England’s coast has been changing over many years; the ocean pushes its bed onto the land, creating new heights, narrows, and masses, as it washes over existing dunes. Wind has caused erosion of 2.9 ft. annually along the coast of Cape Cod.
Climate Change has increased the intensity of storms that erode the beaches beyond recognition, while creating a new kind of beauty.

In the pieces Restless Sand, Liminal Break, and Undertow, I am visualizing the movement of land along the coast of New England. In these three-dimensional collages I have pieced together altered photographs, digitally printed, then further modified them with paint and drawing.

In the topographical waterscapes, Northern Waters, I have scanned charts, maps and photos, and added puzzle pieces to highlight the changing nature of our seas; rising waters and melting glaciers as effects of global warming. In these, too, the hand of the artist is evident in paint, ink and graphite.

Maps and charts posit a viewer looking down at the landscape. I hope that the dimensional qualities of my images allow us imagine ourselves within it as well; that to inhabit the world is another way of understanding.
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