Medium : gouache, acrylic, fabric design

Joanna Schiff Garren
gouache, acrylic, fabric design
Statement / Bio
My art is first and foremost about play. I use shapes and colors like building a tower with blocks, or snapping the perfect piece into a jigsaw puzzle. I am drawn to primary colors, and often find myself returning to variations on red/yellow/blue combinations. I am often surprised by my own images; they have a life of their own.

I love shapes that have movement and flow; to make the art as eye-catching as possible I create shapes that are a natural extension of the movement of my arm. The combination of organic and geometric shapes gives each piece an inner energy and creates a surreal narrative. My work can function as a Rorschach test where everyone sees something different: animals, insects, plants, buildings.

Foreground and background often shift in my works creating a certain depth in a flat space. This can be achieved through use of color, transparencies or playing with the negative spaces between the shapes. It is a wonderfully dizzying experience trying to figure out what is supposed to move forward and what is meant to stay back.