Medium : Painting

Iwalani Kaluhiokalani
Statement / Bio
Iwalani is a Painter who lives and works in Brookline MA and Martha’s Vineyard. She is an alumni of Massachusetts College of Art. Her subject matter is movement and its inherent transitory and transformational nature. Her paintings are a juncture of kinesthetic movement and tactile sensing. They celebrate dance and scenarios of relationship dynamics. Couplets, triplets, choirs, panels, and or chains of figures are abstracted down to gestured shapes. They are cut out, arranged, or painted in intervals to suggest temporal progression and spatial pathways.

In addition to being a Painter, Iwalani has studied dance and movement for many years. She chooses to incorporate a multidisciplinary approach to creative process, as each of those practices share threads of formal ideas. Themes are often about re-presenting, re-construction, shaping and repetition.


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