Medium : Textiles

Heather Couture
Studio Address
Somerville, MA
Statement / Bio
Artist obsessed with the political and the personal and how they intersect. I use textiles because I love them, they are traditionally associated with the domestic (i.e. female) sphere, and everyone, regardless of race, sex, class, or creed, interacts with them throughout their day, often in their most intimate moments.

By using such a familiar medium to explore what may be unfamiliar and uncomfortable topics of public, private, personal, and political importance, I hope to create a feeling of comfort and safety for folks to explore issues that may upset them, challenge their assumptions, or make them generally uncomfortable.

I also create pieces that soothe, uplift, and bolster the rebellious, radical, and traumatized spirit within us all. As a self-appointed cheerleader for changemakers, I am strongly motivated by Cesar A Cruz's assertion that "art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable" and try to strike a healthy balance between the two.


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