Medium : Digital, Mixed Media

Giliane Bader-Wechseler
Digital, Mixed Media
Statement / Bio
My process is best explained by the Taoist concept of "wu wei", which translates as "doing without doing" – action arises from an empty mind without preconception or agenda. This approach often means going through chaos to create harmony with patterns, space, vibrant colors, and motion. As my composition develops more consciously, it remains based on spontaneity, intuitive awareness, and focused on the initial moment or feeling. A work starts with colors, patterns, or an interesting shape, without any inkling of outcome. The process becomes a fascinating journey of discovery.

I chose the freedom and challenges of abstract work help convey directly to the viewer what I viscerally experience. Bringing beauty or an esthetic component in my work is important to me. Beauty is everywhere when we have the time to look, and it has many forms. The beauty, power and mystery of our world is what these works should bring to your home. I hope one of these paintings will become part of your everyday life, bringing serenity in the increasing turmoil of contemporary life.

I currently work on an iPad Pro with an Apple pencil. I create my own brushes based on photographs I take of interesting shapes encountered during my walks. I may also use a superposition of pictures to bring texture or atmosphere as a ground layer. The digital work is printed on the finest archival papers and pigment inks. Limited series, signed with certificate of authenticity are also available.
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