Medium : Oaxacan woodcarving

Nina Hasin
Oaxacan woodcarving
Studio Address
36 Beecher St. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Statement / Bio
The Visiting Mexican Artists Program: The Dancing Chickens of Ventura Fabian is a bilingual multicultural arts education program intended to share and celebrate aspects of Mexican folk art and culture through a series of presentations with master Oaxacan woodcarver Ventura Fabian and his son, Norberto. Our goal is to expand cultural horizons and encourage a greater appreciation and knowledge of world cultures and art through direct contact with the artists.

Ventura Fabian is one of the most original and well-known woodcarvers in Oaxaca, Mexico. Brilliantly
colored and strikingly designed, many of his carvings are rooted in aspects of daily life in his small village of San Martín Tilcajete; others are wildly imaginative, springing wholly from the realm of fantasy.
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