Medium : Encaustic Painting

Christine Herot
Encaustic Painting
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1 Fitchburg St Somerville, MA. 02143
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Statement / Bio
Encaustic painting, i.e. painting with wax, teaches me to relinquish a part of me that yearns to hold on to certainties and predictabilities. Flowing wax will flow. I f(ol)low and am brought to a path of self-discovery unemcumbered by beliefs, expectations, or desires. Encaustic painting is humbling. I trust that any creative act is humbling and brings me to my knees, looking in a mirror where the reflection does not always seem to look like me (or the way I wished I looked) but shows me more facets of myself than I could otherwise have discovered. I hope that this self-discovery through art can, in time, lead me to become a little more human and a little more understanding of the world around me.
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