Medium : Oil on Panel

Alyson Schultz
Oil on Panel
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Statement / Bio
The genesis for my work is the urban environ. Although I start with specific sites in mind, through the process, the paintings evolve from that of depiction to a more personal, emotive terrain. Central to the work are apocalyptic stories and contemporary parallels. Babylon with the vision of ‘handwriting on the wall’, Lot’s wife, and the tower of Babel have been metaphors for artists. For me, they have a contemporary echo in a world abounding with reoccurring images of violence and destruction.

Reminiscent of windows, openings and barriers, the modular panels of “Fracture” share a common palette and were originally conceived as a singular work that could be adapted to multiple configurations. An attention to the physical immediacy of paint combine with strong, gestural expressiveness to create fragments of an urban reality.