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Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Gary Duehr: “Catching the Train,” pigment print, 20” x 29”, 2021

In Transit

Pictured: “Catching the Train,” Gary Duehr, pigment print, 20” x 29”, 2021 Artists: Gary Duehr Adam Leveille Jerry Russo Ann Strassman “In Transit,” curated by…

Magical-realist painting of black horse pushing a stone wheel against night sky

Light and Darkness: BAA Members’ Summer Exhibition

Sometimes to find the light, you have to go through the deepest darkness. All visual art forms are accepted. Let the light shine out of…

Jee Hwang. “Flower Portrait (Markia)”

SALLY Project

Pictured: “Flower Portrait (Markia)”. Jee Hwang SALLY is an interdisciplinary, community–centered project, created by Sasha Chavchavadze and JoAnne McFarland, that focuses on using art to…

Open Studios Directory Exhibit

Members show one artwork apiece so you can plan your visit to this annual event.  A must see!

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