Brickbottom Artists Association

Urban Sketchers

Brickbottom Gallery, May 27, 2021 – June 26, 2021

Urban Sketchers: We Show the World, One Drawing at a Time

“We Show the World, One Drawing at a Time,” is the motto of the world-wide nonprofit organization Urban Sketchers. For more than a decade, members of the Boston chapter have met for a couple hours each weekend at a predetermined location to draw the urban landscape. It might be a park, a neighborhood or (in case of foul weather) within a museum or public space. Some focus on the architecture, others the busy street life, yet another draws a solitary pigeon. All skill sets, and media are welcome. This exhibition features a broad range of work by members of the Boston Chapter.

Exhibition organizer Pier Gustafson says, “This is one of the few ‘analog”; exhibitions of work by the urban sketchers. The group is quite democratic in its rules. Anyone can draw in any style as long as it “truthfully” represents what they see.” In that spirit, the show includes everything artists have submitted, and showcases the “collective” aspect of the group where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The volume and variety of work and the loosely themed display format offer something for everyone. Repeat visits encouraged!

Participating Artists:

Mina Abasi Dinani, Lourdes Alonso, Nono Martínez Alonso, George Banis, Caroline Barnes, Andre Behrens, Jonny Bloozit, Shannon Brooke, Ralph Caputo ,Aidan Dempsey, Hillary Dorsk, Felipe Eguia, Lauren G Falls, Teasha Feldman-Fitzthum, Ursula Gangl, Howie Green, Pier Gustafson, Karla Hailer, Sharen Ak Harris, Bobbie Herron, Miriam Israelowitz, Gina Kamentsky, Sean Kupisz, Adam Leveille, Pauline Lim, Gustavo Mahn, Barbara  Marder, David Mitchell, Jasmine Nettrour, Carrie Nixon, Martha Podren, Claire Putnam, Peer Retera, Diana Sabella, Sharon Santillo, Eric Schunk, Ian Todreas, Anawat Tuntrakoon, Ellen Young, Milton Yu

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