Brickbottom Artists Association

In Transit

Pictured: “Catching the Train,” Gary Duehr, pigment print, 20” x 29”, 2021

May 26-June 25, 2022

Gary Duehr
Adam Leveille
Jerry Russo
Ann Strassman

“In Transit,” curated by Gary Duehr, explores ordinary people in their travels through the city via the media of photography and painting. Photographs by Gary Duehr capture people from the viewpoint of a city bus, observing mini-dramas as they play out on street corners and bus stops.

Paintings by Adam Leveille reveal moments of strangers in small oils on boards, based on photos taken on the subway; they focus on the tension between public and private.

Jerry Russo uses his iPhone to take mostly black and white photos in the tradition of Walker Evans of commuters on the subway, showing people lost in thought.

In Ann Strassman’s big acrylics on cardboard, its rough texture adds a layer to the energetic paintings of people on the street.