Brickbottom Artists Association

Speak My Language

Joe Diggs, Grace Hopkins, Richard Neal, Jackie Reeves

Opening Reception: Friday, September 15, 5-7pm

In conversations about their work, many artists will say that one of the main reasons they create in a visual medium is because their sense for imagery is stronger than the force of their words. It is true that the visual can resonate in a way which transcends the literal.

Artists send their art into the world and some of them also look to the world for other artists who speak their language. They crave a dialogue which they hope will bring them to new insights with their work, to help them to better understand the visual images that emanate from their inner selves or their impressions of the outside world. To enable them to better “speak.”

This group of 4 artists meet from time to time to look at each other’s work. They strive to strengthen their skills and develop ideas about ways to present their art to a larger audience. They try to better understand how their different voices are heard in the world. They seek a universal language with their art which can be as clear or confusing as life itself.