Brickbottom Artists Association

Sketches: Life Drawing and Drawing from Life

Drawing the figure is an age old artistic practice. Some artists draw from the nude model, others from a clothed figure. This exhibition gives the viewer the space to appreciate the variety of the creative process regarding life drawing. Portraits of friends, workers in movement, people in cafes or on the T will be installed along with drawings that show the practice of sketching from nude models.

Artist include: Klaus Adamczyk, Sherry Autor,   David Campbell, Lucy Chen, Patsea Cobb, Matt Fallon, Norman Fine, Lois Fiore, Tim Fish, Ari Forrester,  Lou Gippetti, Pier Gustafson, Charlotte Kaplan,  Jerry Lainoff, Adam Leveille, Pauline Lim,  Cynthia Maurice, Jessica Meuse, Diane Novetsky, Kim Schmahmann, Arnon Vered, Liz Whitbeck, Ellen Young

Exhibition organized by Patsea Cobb.