Brickbottom Artists Association

Language as Muse & Joys, Sorrows, & Concerns

Brickbottom Gallery, January 28 – February 27, 2021

Language as Muse

Participating Artist:
Marjorie Forté
Antionette Winters

The Muses, the daughters of Zeus, were the source of inspiration for the creativity, wisdom and insight on which all artists depend. For many artists language serves as Muse. It not only offers inspiration, but also interpretation.

This exhibit will explore different responses to language. In some instances the works are visual responses to specific texts. In others, the text is incorporated with visual elements. In still others, the words themselves become the singular visual element.

Joys, Sorrows, & Concerns

Participating Artist: Susan Schmidt

Joys, Sorrows, & Concerns is an installation of projected drawings slowly moving over a screen of printed strips of paper. It began with drawings from the news media of immigrants in border detention centers that I later made into polymer plate prints. The projected images are a series of small symbols, such as a heads, drones and badges. The projection device was made by John Carney, from a discarded overhead projector.  I am interested in the ways that drawing allows us to consider current social issues differently than the way we see them on screens. A slower, more imaginative response to crisis. In this installation piece, I was thinking about problems for people seeking asylum in the U.S. and my prints portray human beings within that system, suspended and uncertain.

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