Brickbottom Artists Association

THE FOUNDATION: 30 Years of Creativity

Feature Image: Susan Schmidt, Degree of Impact (head of EPA denies climate science), mixed process print, 11 x 14

Opening Reception:
Sunday, June 10, 2018
6-8 pm

In the 1980s a group of artists came together in search of a stable and affordable working and living environment. After more than three years of planning, they purchased three semi-abandoned 1920s-era buildings in East Somerville, took up residence in 1988, and began to build the vibrant community you see today.

30 years later, many of the founding members still live and work at Brickbottom, thriving and strong, alongside newer artists and supportive lovers of art.

This exhibition includes painting, printmaking, photography, mixed media and sculpture by our FOUNDATION: more than 50 original ‘Bricks’ – artists who have moved on from these buildings as well as those who continue to call Brickbottom home:

Jan Arabas, Sarah Bapst, Gabrielle Barzaghi, Ann Berman, Amy Cain, David Campbell, Kay Canavino, Patsea Cobb, David Colombo, Leslie Concannon, Lea Cyr, Damien DiBona, David Douglas, Chris Enos, Phyllis Ewen, Laura Feld, Norman Fine, Deb Freed, George Gabin, Lou Gippetti, Marsha Goldberg, Robert Goss, Leni Gross, Virginia Gunter, Michael Guran, Pier Gustafson, Marsha Hewitt, Elissa Katler,
Caroline Kipp, Bill Kipp, Douglas Kornfeld, Jerry Lainoff, Priscilla Lamb, Sally Landry, Ilana Manolson, Cynthia Maurice, Karen Menze, Chris Mesarch, Mardee Norberg, Diane Novetsky, Debra Olin, Marilyn Pappas, Dana Pellegrini, Martha Podren, Steven Rea, Felice Regan, Susan Schmidt, Alyson Shultz, David Shapiro, Julia Shepley, David Sholl, Obie Simonis, Beverly Sky, Jill Slosberg-Ackerman, Martha Stone, Jessica Straus, Susan Strauss, Patrice Sullivan, George Summers, Marilu Swett, Randal Thurston, David Tonnesen, John Tricomi, Irene Valincius, Debra Weisberg, Makoto Yabe, Ellen Young, Victor Young.

Brickbottom Gallery

The Brickbottom Gallery is a non-profit exhibition space established in 1989 and run by the Brickbottom Artists' Association (BAA). It is open to emerging and established artists in the greater Boston metropolitan area. Shows are scheduled throughout the year, and there are no fees for exhibiting.

Artists and curators are encouraged to send group show proposals along with images, image index page, artists’ resumes and statements to Brickbottom Gallery, 1 Fitchburg Street, C-111, Somerville, MA, 02143. Questions? Email us at gallery [at]

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