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BAA Members’ Exhibition
October 29—November 22, 2020

The challenges of 2020—the pandemic; the divisiveness of politics and the election; the outrage over racial injustice; the apocalyptic fires and storms that are undeniable signs of climate change—are complicated and overwhelming. Indeed, everything in this world today seems to be enormous, and getting bigger all the time. The Brickbottom Gallery would like to propose the opposite as a kind of antidote. Bigger is not necessarily better! This BAA Members’ Exhibition features artwork that is small, in scale, size or content.

A micro-exhibit of BAA Members’ in the Inside-OUT Gallery (CVS window in Davis Square) is running concurrent with this BAA Members’ Exhibition on the same theme through November.

Participating member artists:
Ellen Band, Charles G. Baldwin, Lois Blood Bennett, David Campbell, Patsea Cobb, Melinda Cross, Deborah Davidson, Daniela DesLauriers, Augustin Didier, Lois Fiore, Jen Fries, Robert Goss, Yildiz Grodowski, Pier Gustafson, Charlotte Ellen Kaplan, Matthew Lazure, Adam Leveille, Pauline Lim, Mark Luiggi, Cynthia Maurice, Diane Novetsky, Debra Olin, Ted Prato, Dan Rocha, Erik Schmidt, Alyson Schultz, Julia Shepley, Randal Thurston, Arnon Vered, Debra Weisberg, Jim Wright, Ellen Young

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Brickbottom Gallery

The Brickbottom Gallery is a non-profit exhibition space established in 1989 and run by the Brickbottom Artists' Association (BAA). It is open to emerging and established artists in the greater Boston metropolitan area. Shows are scheduled throughout the year, and there are no fees for exhibiting.

Artists and curators are encouraged to send group show proposals along with images, image index page, artists’ resumes and statements to Brickbottom Gallery, 1 Fitchburg Street, C-111, Somerville, MA, 02143. Questions? Email us at gallery [at]

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