Brickbottom Artists Association

2021 Members’ Directory Show


October 28-November 21, 2021.  In conjunction with Brickbottom Open Studios, the annual Directory Show functions as both survey and visit planning tool.  This year’s exhibition is open to all members, whether participating in Open Studios or not.


Pictured:  “Revenite Huc et Ientaculum Cena” (Get Back Here and Eat Your Breakfast), 2021, Pauline Lim

Brickbottom Gallery

The Brickbottom Gallery is a non-profit exhibition space established in 1989 and run by the Brickbottom Artists' Association (BAA). It is open to emerging and established artists in the greater Boston metropolitan area. Shows are scheduled throughout the year, and there are no fees for exhibiting.

Artists and curators are encouraged to send group show proposals along with images, image index page, artists’ resumes and statements to Brickbottom Gallery, 1 Fitchburg Street, C-111, Somerville, MA, 02143. Questions? Email us at gallery [at]

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