Brickbottom Artists Association

Exhibit in the Armory Cafe. Deadline: 7/10/19

Arts at the Armory is now accepting artist submissions for our August Exhibit in The Armory Café.

The theme of our August Art Exhibit is “Drawing the Line”. Drawing as a form of expression is an art that goes back to the dawn of time. From cavemen carving line drawings on cave walls to da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the delicate curve or sharp strike of a line across a page can emit powerful emotions. Drawings can take on many forms; they can be simple and straightforward or they can be complex and chaotic. Artists are encouraged to submit their drawings or works that strongly embody “the line” in any interpretation. All mediums are welcome as long as the work is able to be hung on the Café walls. No freestanding pieces will be accepted – thank you!

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