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Call for Entries: First Parish Church (Arlington MA) sanctuary; Deadline 6/1/18

Sanctuary Art: First Parish Unitarian Universalist/Arlington, MA

The First Parish sanctuary art committee is seeking proposals from qualified artists fort he design, construction, and installation of an artwork to be located on a prominent wall within the church’s modern sanctuary. The committee will meet and work closely with the artist, as needed, and serve as the representative of the congregation to facilitate a successful completion for this important church project. See for more information about our congregation.

Purpose of this call

The committee is looking for letters of interest, including qualifications and a link to the artist’s website. Please include a list of any installations the artist has in the New England area.

Upon selection of 1 to 3 finalists there will be a $500 stipend for a design proposal. The selected artist is required to visit the space, show work examples and be there for the installation of the work.

Purpose of the art piece
The artwork will create a beautiful, contemplative focal point for the front of the sanctuary. We are looking for the work to convey a spiritual, inclusive, warm and life-affirming theme with a nod to nature and that is open to the personal interpretation of the viewer.

The only constraints are that there should be no images of people or religious iconography.

When polled, some of the descriptors from the congregation were: spirit, peace, color, interesting, warmth, abstract, texture, non-representational, open to interpretation, no human images, softening, centering, joyful, calming, nature inspired, stained glass lit, mosaic lit, scrim-you look through it/mystery, layered, asymmetric, curves, mobile, contemplative, magical.

The work will hang in the alcove on the east wall of the sanctuary (see images). It can be hung on the wall or from the ceiling.
First Parish Photos_Art RFP

Size and shape
The proposed work should be approximately 5’6” wide x 4’ tall to fit in the space above the chancel table.

An elongated work would be best in that space. It can have an irregular shape and/or be in multiple parts that fill the general size requirements.
This work must be designed and implemented with the hanging mechanism built into the piece.

The artwork should be durable, and easy to clean and maintain. Potential materials might utilize glass, metal, tiles or ceramics. However, the committee is open to other material options.

The palette should work with the rest of the sanctuary and bring focus to the chancel with form, color and interest.

The total budget for the finished project is approximately $10,000 including design, presentation and coordination meetings, materials, construction and installation.

Letter of interest: June 1, 2018
General acknowledgement of letters of interest: June 8, 2018
Selection of finalists: July 15, 2018
Finished Work and Installation: December 1, 2018

Proposal to be sent to
Via email:
Via snail mail:
First Parish Unitarian Universalist
630 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02474
Attn: Sanctuary Redesign

Communicating with the committee
We are a small volunteer group with limited capacity to respond to individual questions at this point in the process. We will reach out if we want additional information. Please do not call the church office for information. It is best to communicate via the email address above. We appreciate your understanding.
Committee members
Louise Strayhorn
Anne Goodwin
Nancy Crasco

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